Our Petite Style Guide

What does petite exactly mean? A petite figure in the clothing sense refers to the height of a person, to be more specific a woman who is 5ft 3 and under. With many shorter women finding it hard to find clothing that sits in the right place on their body, due to smaller body proportions. 

However proportional problems are not just limited to a shorter lady. You could be average in height yet have a petite upper half or shorter legs, which means you might be better suited to petite styles.

Here at Fenn Wright Manson, our London-based design team have carefully crafted a petite range. Extra attention has been paid to the structure and fit of each garment, to ensure it is tailored to the petite frame. Exclusive, unique prints have been strategically placed on styles to compliment the petite silhouette. Check out our petite style guide for tips on how to dress to suit your figure.


If you’re petite all over then a perfectly proportioned dress is the answer. To showcase your petite figure make sure hemlines are above or just to the knee. 

A panelled or colour block dress will streamline your petite silhouette. 

Go for classic cuts to suit your petite silhouette, to showcase your curves pick a fit and flare shape or for a slender frame pick a chic shift.

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When it comes to jumpsuits for a petite frame make sure they have a defined waist to elongate your legs. Avoid drop waist styles, as they will shorten your legs.

Tops & Bottoms

To lengthen the appearance of your legs, pick a mid-rise waist and tuck your top in, to create the illusion of height. A straight cut will slim the appearance of your overall length.

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Shorter torso? Often find sleeves and jackets drown you? A structured cropped jacket will focus the eye upwards, elongating your upper half. Plus with our petite styles the arm length will be perfectly tailored for you. 

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Embrace print however make sure you balance it out by pairing with a colour block garment. This will ensure that the print does not drown your figure but creates the illusion of a longer figure.

Also this May we will be launching a range of exclusive prints and styles, just available from our petite collection. In the meantime check out our new Spring/Summer 2017 petite range here.