Jeans for Genes Day Looks

 Who says jeans are supposed to be casual? To take your jeans into the night, pair them with our Planet Top, electric blue shoes and beautiful silver jewellery.

For a casual look, we’ve put our cosy Julita Jumper with straight high rise jeans, and leather ankle boots, this look is perfect for a lazy weekend brunch date with friends.

For a look perfect for a day out, we’ve put our Satellite Coat with dark jeans and burgundy accessories. The swing shaped bodice and bell-sleeves create a great silhouette with straight jeans and heeled ankle boots.

Let your coat do the talking with this look, we’ve put the statement Supernova Duster Coat with black textured ankle boots, indigo jeans and our Lunar Jumper.

Go to Jeans for Genes Day to find out more about this great charity.