Gift Wrapping

Want to wow your loved ones with Christmas wrapping that they won’t forget? Check out our selection of eye-catching gifts wrapped in gorgeous colours, glitter and finishing touches, that will spread the joy of Christmas all round. 

Idea 1

Brown and plain wrapping paper is your saving grace, if you want to go big with tags, accessories and ribbon. By adding a small green wreath and note written on white card, the wreath is the main focal point. Make sure this is secure by binding the outside edges of the wreath with brown string, and weaving a woven brown piece of fabric between for added stability.  

Idea 2 

If you don’t have enough time for Christmas wrapping this year, combine colours of navy and gold for a starry night effect. This can easily be created, by simply drawing gold stars on a plain navy piece of paper, for a simplistic effect. Tie with brown rope or string for a finishing touch.

Idea 3 

Buying multiple presents for your loved ones? Wrap both gifts in similar colours and patterns for a syncronised touch. Traditional colour ways such as green, white and red are key.