Are you Petite?

 Firstly, what does petite exactly mean? When referring to a petite figure in the clothing sense, we are actually talking about the height of a person, to be more specific a woman who is 5ft 3 and under. Many shorter women find that clothing can be too long in the sleeves and legs, as well as dresses not sitting in the right place on their body.

 But proportional problems are not just limited to a shorter lady you may be average in height yet have a petite upper half or shorter legs which means you might be better suited to petite styles even if you are taller. Check out our style advice to see whether you should be shopping our petites collection!

Petite All Over

Being petite all over you usually have trouble finding maxi dresses, jumpsuits and tailored suits that don’t drown you. Our Virgo Jumpsuit and Orbit Jacket and Trousers will fit your frame perfectly so you can look stylish from 9 to 5. For beyond the boardroom we have the glamorous sparkly Aries Maxi, ensuring all eyes will be on you for the upcoming party season.

Virgo Jumpsuit, Orbit Jacket and Trouser, Aries Dress

Shorter Legs

If you have a long torso but shorter legs you usually find trousers need taking up and coats are often too long. From our oversized Columba Coat to our beautifully tailored Orbit skirt and Gemini Trousers, each of these pieces have been reduced proportionally to elongate the legs and fit your figure perfectly.

Columba Coat, Orbit Skirt, Gemini Trouser

Short Torso

With a shorter torso you may find that sleeves, shirts and cropped jackets often cover up your hands. Our luxurious Helios Coat in a vibrant blue, smart Solar Blouse and stylish cropped Lichtenstein Jacket will have the perfect arm length to suit you. Perfect for a elegant polished look that will make the ultimate style statement this Autumn.

Helios Coat, Solar Top, Lichtenstein Jacket

In Proportion

If you are in proportion or tall don’t despair! We’ve chosen the perfect pieces for you, which come in Fenn Wright Manson’s core collection as well as petite!

Kaleidoscope dress, Planet Top, Juno Trouser